It was bound to happen eventually…

I was sitting here eating some tasty spaghetti and meatballs when all of a sudden I felt ill.

Not “omgosh, I don’t feel so good” type of ill, either.

No, I’m talking about “HOLY FUCK! I think I’m gonBLAAAAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAA!” all over the floor type of ill.

And it went on for two days. Non-stop.

I threw up so much in the last 48 hours my tongue is raw. Ewww, nasty.

But, the best part of the entire weekend is this episode:

At one point I was shivering so bad I could barely walk. I thought maybe I should take a hot shower and warm up (stupid, right?) Anyway, I turned on the shower – hot water only – got undressed and suddenly started worshiping the Porcelain God again.

I don’t know if it was total exhaustion, or what, but I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor. I never made it to the shower.

I woke up to a gay looking version of Morgan Freeman hovering over my naked body. And, to add to the confusion, the fire alarm was screaming out at full volume.

Can you say “Twilight Zone?”

Apparently the steam from the uber-hot shower had smothered the fire alarm sensor… and the evacuation fire alarm for the entire building had went off.

It turns out Morgan Fairyman works as Maintenance Staff here. And, as his one act of heroism for the day, he had come to check on me and look for the fire.

Thanks, Morgan.

That was really cool of you, but one has to wonder; exactly how long were you “hovering there” before I woke up?

Ekk, that’s kinda disturbing.

So, anyway, behaving exactly as a person should under these circumstances, I did what had to be done…

I started throwing up again. Violently.

Morgan opened a window and left.

Ah, good times, good times.

Am I the only person this type of stuff happens to?



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How I Spent My Friday Night.

I could have been having drinks and watching a movie with Penny. But I declined.

I could have been somewhere between Houston and San Antonio spending the weekend with Christie. But I didn’t email her back.

I could have been at a bar or a club stroking my dark promiscuous side (also referred to as “pulling a Kelly”) …

But, no, I didn’t do that either. You know what I did?

I worked on my father new blog instead. I think I got the blog part about 80% complete., but I still have a few external pages to create.

Anyway, the new blog is called The Shrek Report.

It’s basically going to be the platform my father, Chris Marler, uses to transition his career.

He’s moving from the role of “Petrochem Inspector” to “Teacher”. And, to be honest, I think he’s going to be just as good at that as he was at pressure vessel inspection.

The Shrek Report only has two posts at the moment -both related to the training course he developed to help NDE Technicians transition into Visual Inspectors – but I suspect he’ll be posting like a madman soon.

Anyway, that’s how I spent my Friday night…

And I loved it.

Until next time,

Sean Marler
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I could be wrong, but…

I think I need to re-activate this blog.

Actually, think I just need to rant once or twice. Then I’d feel better, I’m sure.

I remember the good ‘ol days when I could bleed my drama onto my MySpace blog. I could rant at stupid people and write posts about people (indirectly). But those days came and went.

Too many blog stalkers knowing my business.

Too many “friends” causing drama.

And, it was getting difficult not to come right out and say “You’re a manipulative slut.” when that’s what I was thinking.

When your love life shows up at the “family” kitchen table… you know you’ve said too much online.

But still…

Sean Marler

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Kolbe Index A Test Results

If you know me then you know just how accurate these are:









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I’m ditching MySpace for a more “mature” residence.

Hey there,

If you’re here from the link on my MySpace page…

Welcome. I’m glad you decided to join me here.

As you can see, I have not posted anything here yet (except the joke post below).

Don’t let that throw you off. There are many posts coming over the next month. I know, because I’ve got a lot to say.

I should warn you that you’ll find this blog to be a bit different than the one on MySpace. This one will be much more diverse in content – everything from talking about the business start-up I’m working on to rants about whatever stupid shit pissed me off that day. Every once in a while you’ll see a “human interest” post where I talk about something positive too (I’m kidding – it’ll be more than every once in a while)

You might have noticed I’ve been quiet for a while. Mostly because I’ve been absorbed in this business start-up. But also because the things I had to say were not congruent with the things folks on my MySpace blog had come to expect from me. I’ve come across some disturbing revelations about “us” that are more than a little pessimistic. And you know the adage “If you don’t have something nice to say…”.

So here I am starting over.


Good question. Here’s the honest answer:

Because I LOVE to write. And to share my thoughts by way of writing. And I say “by way of writing” because anyone who really knows me will testify I’m not much of a talker. But writing… yeah, for some reason I just feel wrong when I go extended periods without it. And, as you can tell, I kinda lose the “knack”.

No worries though; words will be flowing out of me in fire hose fashion in no time.

And I hope you stick around to read them…

…And comment on them… And argue with them… And share your thoughts with me as well.Yeah, we might not always agree at times, but I hope I make you think. And, without question, I hope you make me think.

And on that note, I think you ought to –> click here to subscribe <– to this blog.

When you do, you’ll get every new post delivered in full to your email address. You won’t even have to come back to this site to read the posts. There will also be a comment link in the email too – click it to go straight to the comment page.

Well, I gotta go shower and hit the sack. Talk to you soon.


P.S. Drop me a comment to let me know you were here, eh? Gracias.


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